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Rich, next-gen racing

Following the success of its two previous installments, Electronic Arts brings you Real Racing 3, with great graphics, the largest roster of cars yet and, best of all, it's free. 

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  • Excellent graphics
  • 45 real car models
  • You play against human opponents
  • Variety of competitions
  • Different controls to choose from
  • Repair damage


  • Game not always live online
  • Music from an earlier time and repetitive


Following the success of its two previous installments, Electronic Arts brings you Real Racing 3, with great graphics, the largest roster of cars yet and, best of all, it's free. 

What's new in Real Racing 3?


For starters, more than 50 different models of the best brands of vehicles: Porsche, Lamborghini, Dodge, Bugatti, Audi, BMW, Ford, Nissan, etc. You'll start off driving basic models, but as you win races, points and experience, you'll get to drive more expensive and spectacular models.

What about the circuits? Real Racing 3 takes you all around the world. You run at Laguna Seca, Spa-Francorchamps, Silverstone, and other real circuits.

To say that Real Racing 3 is a racing game doesn't do it justice because it includes all variants: individual races where speed is important, group runs, eliminations, endurance challenges, drag races, and more. In short, with the wide variety of events available for you to participate in, you won't be bored.

An interesting feature of Real Racing 3 is the way it chooses your opponents. You don't play alone but instead play against other people around the world. For each race, the player names or aliases along with the flag of their country of origin are visible.

Real Racing 3 uses a system that lets you race against others, even if they're playing at the same time. And they're chosen based on their performance and level of play. No worries since Real Racing 3 chooses your opponents based on your expertise, matching you against similarly-skilled racers. 

Your phone is the steering wheel


Your device may be rectangular in shape, but in Real Racing 3, it becomes a professional wheel. That's nothing new; the vast majority of racing games use this form of gameplay. What makes Real Racing 3 a standout is that the controls are easy to manage; you activate the gear shift and automatic braking with ease, and you simply tilt the device to one side or the other to turn on the track.

Experienced racers need not worry, as Real Racing 3 features seven different control methods, and there are lots of options for modifying the amount of brake and steering assist, as well as the ability to turn "traction control" on or off. 

A great game at the right price


Real Racing 3 joins the list of EA racing games including the Need For Speed series: Need for Speed Most WantedNeed for Speed Shift, etc. However, this time around, EA has opted for the freemium model: the game is free, but to advance faster in the game, you have to unlock options with micropayments.

Real Racing 3 will please fans of racing games as well as newcomers to the genre. Its menu system and controls help beginners but they're also customizable for those who want more control over their vehicle.

This coupled with the long list of available models and circuits, and very well-designed graphics, exploit the features of your BlackBerry. 

For driving enthusiasts


Not everything in Real Racing 3 is perfect. The music is very repetitive and the low sound quality is reminiscent of another era. And the in-app micropayments are required to unlock tiers, drive better cars, and advance to a higher level.

These details aside, Real Racing 3 is a highly recommended experience with the quality expected from the Electronic Arts label. 

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